Thanks to Melinda at LRT Graphics in Chico for her help with designing and printing our labels!

As you will notice, we have opted for just regular jars to keep the overall cost of the product down. We believe the only thing fancy should be inside the jar!! Our starting flavors were Myers Lemon, Classic Breakfast, Grapefruit & Mandarin, Grapefruit & Pineapple, Old English and Blood Orange. More flavors have followed as we perfect these Heritage recipes, jams and chutneys are now available.

All of our marmalade is made in very small batches (6 jars per batch) to ensure consistent clarity, flavor and color. Our fruit is freshly sourced from local growers and is closely scrutinized for the slightest imperfection. Our product is cooked in the old fashioned way with no preservatives, no added pectin and no artificial colorings.

With the exception of my little electric juicer, absolutely everything is prepared by hand. Take a look at commercial products and see how cloudy it is and how irregular the peel is cut! Our method is time consuming but the results speak for themselves.

Unlike a commercially prepared product, our Heritage Marmalade is made in the time honored traditional way.